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Are you a fan of games that successfully create a chilling atmosphere, the paranoia of being watched or a sense of unpleasantness of now knowing what to expect? Having a console will make you into a horror fan as soon as you play through a couple of them. There is no better way to experience the chill from a horror game but by playing it on your console, comfortably sitting on your couch.

Every decent horror game will provide something that no other genre can-that rushing feeling that goes through your whole body as you get frightened over and over again. So if you haven’t found your favorite horror game yet, let’s have a look at this list of upcoming games on PlayStation Network.


Agony is a new horror game developed by Madmind Studio announced to be released in the second quarter of 2017. The game depicts a place of which nightmares are made of where you are either participate in gruesome actions or suffer the penalty and become the victim. The alien world in which you find yourself makes it clear that you are one of them, a lost soul that lurks the realms of the unknown in search for ‘the red goddess’ for she alone can put the end of your misery.


The game itself doesn’t reveal too much at the time, judging from little imagery and a short demo that is out now. There is no official date yet for the release of this game, so buying a game with free psn code isn’t an option right now. Until the game is released on PlayStation Network, all we can do is sit and wait.


Do you consider yourself a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s work? If so you should be pretty excited for the upcoming release of Conarium. Games with Lovecraft elements usually create this feeling of constant unease and paranoia when playing the game. There is nothing more unsettling than unraveling the purpose of existence of unspeakably evil beings as seen in Love craftian games.

Fans of this particular horror genre still remember games such as Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Eart, Amnesia series and other as they were the only horror games that provided this feeling of discomfort and chilling sensation that runs through the whole body.

The best way to describe Conarium would be as the sequel to Call of Cthulhu that we never got. But judging by little evidence that we have right now, it’s hard to actually justify the assumption that the games are anyhow connected. The elements from Lovecraft novels are there, and the game definitely resembles Call of Cthulhu but what really connects those two? There are many games as well as movies that were inspired by his novels.


And in each of them, there was a mention of unspeakable evil, unimaginable beings, and power that is beyond comprehension. In Conarium you play as a member of anthropologist team and have taken an expedition with your team from Anthropology Department in the Miskatonic University. Your goal is to test the limits of human consciousness and lay some firm grounds on the topic. To do so, you use a machine called ‘Conarium’ which basically means pineal gland.

Upon your awakening you realize that you’ve been dead for a while and somehow connected to another world, experiencing visions in the process. In this limbo of thoughts and imagery, you explore the world of a civilization long lost to humankind. Their culture and technology seem primitive but as it appears, it is capable of many things that we with our current technology simply cannot do.

Little is known about the actual release date of Conarium, although rumors speculate that we should see a release at the beginning of the next month. No matter when they plan to release it, we can only hope that they won’t change their minds and cancel it, as this was the fate of many great games. The only thing that all fans of H.P. Lovecraft’s work can do at this moment is to be patient and hope for the best.


Scorn is another twister game set in an alien world where everything is made from flesh or flesh-like material, to say the least. The game was developed by Ebb Software, a small developer team from Serbia. The development team was founded over four years ago, and Scorn is expected to be their biggest success yet.


The demo, gameplay, and images don’t say much about the actual game, so the majority of the storyline is a big mystery. However, if you’re into strange and obscure horror games, with odd, misshapen objects and creatures, Scorn will definitely satisfy your curiosity.


Apparently, first-person survival horror games are becoming increasingly popular. The game will look awful familiar to gamers that played Resident Evil 7 or Silent Hill the playable teaser, but that aside this may prove to be a great horror game. The plot itself doesn’t reveal too much. You’re exploring a house build in the ’80 that, no matter how old it gets, it doesn’t seem to decay.

From what the alpha gameplay trailer reveals, players will complete a series of memories, experiencing various situations with the house and entities that are occupying it. So you’re thinking that it’s a classical ghost story with a haunted house. That is exactly what the developers wanted you to think.


There is little music in Visage, which is odd for a horror game, but the dead silence can prepare you for the jump scare of your life. So before you check this game off the list of potentially decent horror games, either play the alpha gameplay, watch the demo, or wait for the release of the game. You wouldn’t want to say that the game isn’t any good only to forget it, and pass on one of the scariest survival horror games.