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Since the start of the new year, PlayStation Network schedule has been packed with blockbuster games, much to the delight of the players worldwide. The lineup of upcoming releases keeps getting better as we approach March. It will be a busy month give how many AAA games are scheduled for release so here’s hoping that you’ve prepared your wallet for them.

For those looking to save some hard-earned money, we suggest to go and get free code cards and exchange them for these AAA games instead. Here are some of them set to be released in March on the PSN.

Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn has been making headlines from the moment it was first announced that the same studio that made Killzone games is working on something brand new. This time Guerrilla Games studio created a post-apocalyptic themed game that allows total player freedom in an open-world setting.


We can’t wait to get into this unusual futuristic Earth where humans hunt and are being hunted by dinosaur-like machines! Players will take on the role of the main character Aloy – a fearless huntress that even has her own mechanical beasts with which she hunts with.

This open world game will have RPG elements and it will allow you to choose skills as you progress as well as craft weapons and tools. Players will have the chance to hunt and be hunted by mechanical dinosaur-like beasts and battle it out with various tribes that mix advanced technology with primitive tools. This PlayStation exclusive is scheduled for release on the first day of March.

Fight back cartels in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a squad-based tactical shooter game that will give gamers a chance to fight the drug cartels in Bolivia. This open-world tactical shooter will enable players to experience the relentless fight against the Santa Blanca drug cartel. Players will command a squad of four soldiers on a wide variety of main and side missions.

Players will get the chance to attack cartel outposts, teaming up with local resistance groups against the common enemy and naturally explore the various points of interest on a huge map. The map is huge by the way and thus the game has all kinds of vehicles included in order to ease your way of fast getting anywhere in the huge game world.

Planes, boats, armoured vehicles and regular road transports will be available for easier getting around. Players will have to choose their strategies wisely and decide which missions will require stealthy approach and which ones the classic guns blazing assault. Ghost Recon Wildlands comes to PSN on March 3rd.

Wage a war against machines in NieR: Automata

Another great game release coming soon to PSN is NieR: Automata. This sci-fi themed game has already created so much hype among excited gamers. The story is based on the desperate fight of the remains of humanity against the powerful mechanical creatures from another world.


Desperate in the fight to turn the tide of the losing battle, human resistance sends a task force of androids to battle against the enemy. This strike team of androids will allow players to change the odds and fight back against an overpowering enemy in the battle of androids versus machines.

This action RPG open-world game will treat players with gorgeous graphics and massive open-world map. The story will lead them across diverse wasteland terrain on their quest for freedom from the machine overlords. Nier: Automata is expected for release on 7th March on PSN.

Strike from the shadows in Styx: Shards of Darkness

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a true stealth game that promises hours of fun in the Dark Elven city of Korangar. This time, Styx will have to discover the reason why dark elves joined in alliance with the dwarves. As you further make your way through the city of Korangar you will unravel the sinister plot of the newly formed alliance.

Playing as the shadow-dwelling assassin you will get to find new ways of outsmarting opponents and choose how you want to play. It is up to gamers to decide whether they take a stealth or a full-frontal force approach. The gameplay certainly allows completing levels without taking out a single enemy.

Styx can place intricate traps that will distract or disable lurking enemies. For those looking to play in a more dynamic way, they are in for a treat since new skills allow Styx to clear out enemies in many creative ways. The game will reward the players no matter the way they choose to complete levels.

Conquer the galaxy in Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda launch is upon us after many years after the trilogy came to a mind-blowing conclusion. For many gamers, Mass Effect games represent some of the best ever storytelling in video games. We all remember them for its cinema like plot and gorgeous graphics, that at the time, gave a movie like feel to the game.

Perhaps a bit disappointed for not being an open-world game we do know for certain that like the previous games in the series – ME Andromeda will guide players through a linear story based missions. Given how the focus in the new game is on the humanity’s first explorers we will sure be given the chance to venture out finding new worlds in the Andromeda galaxy sector.


BioWare, the studio that brought us many awesome story-based games, promises that even the side missions will not be generic and in fact promise them to be impactful to the overall feel and provide additional hours of interesting content. Players taking on a completionist experience will be additionally rewarded with awesome prizes.Multiplayer looks exciting from the footage we’ve seen so far and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game when it’s released on March 21.

We are absolutely stoked for the upcoming PSN releases and have already prepared to get in on the action. The lineup of the games for PlayStation network is off to a great start this year and it promises to get even better in the coming months. Stay tuned in the coming months for more articles about the upcoming games and everything else PlayStation related.