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Everyone occasionally loves taking a break from the crowd pleasers that are the triple A titles. Every once in a while we just want to see something different, experience the not so typical formulas of story development, see worlds that certain companies thought wouldn’t sell so well, and of course that we do. This is why we’re going to take some of the best, most intricate, and all around beautiful indie games that you can find for your Playstation 4, and bring them to you lovely people.

On this list you’ll definitely find the right thing to itch that indie scratch you’ve been having, and we promise that most definitely one, if not all the games will make you wish that you had all the time in the world to explore them. But shall we not waste any more time and get right into the thick of things and talk about some of the amazing gaming experiences!


firewatchIf you love beautiful and very specific art in games, coupled with a very interesting and atypical story telling experiences then you really need to look no further for your next purchase. Firewatch embodies everything that a story game needs to in order to be successful, and it delivers everything that it promises, and as such it would be a great pickup if you enjoy relaxing with a beautiful illustrated graphical depiction of a nature preserve on your big screen TV enjoying some calming and interesting storytelling. If you’re interested in getting the top rated indie game get a free voucher for psn off of our website and pick up this amazing piece of work today!


somaAre you a horror fan? Enjoy mysterious foreign worlds, civilizations and technology? If so SOMA will be the perfect choice for you. Some people seem to think that all the game has to offer are cheap jump scares and that the general reliance the game has on shock effects stirred up by the overuse of gore is less than entertaining. But I believe that only if you look at the game for its most superficial traits will you find that to be true, but be your own judges, and jump right into this deep ocean atmospheric game and make sure to not get too scared!


olliolli2I think that everyone here has at one point in time been obsessed with the amazing Tony Hawk’s Pro Series games. But somehow over the many years and many new releases, they just can’t seem to live up to their name and hype anymore, and the skater games have seriously diminished in quality, there’s just nothing good out there. Well, nothing except OlliOlli2, which will bring a very satisfying skateboard pastime to your TV screens once again. The game’s borderline mental attitude really gives it the extra oomph that it needs to bring hours upon hours of entertainment.


transistorIf you’ve ever heard of the amazing RPG game Bastion, then you’ll be more than happy to know that they have released yet another amazing isometric RPG action game to the market, and it is nothing short of breathtaking. If you enjoy action packed combat then giving this game a whack is something you most certainly need to do, because mechanics such as these really haven’t even been seen even in the best AAA games.

The Talos Principle

the-talos-principleNow we’ve all been had our minds blown away ever since the Portal series showed us how intricate puzzles and storytelling can be if put together just right. As such, when the genre was popularized, puzzle and logic games started popping up everywhere, but none quite reaching the amazing level of production that Portal had. However, if you were to rank all the indie puzzle games, The Talos Principle is about as good as it gets, and thus you should most certainly give it a shot.

Rocket League

Rocket_LeagueThe game that took the world by storm as soon as it was released. It’s like everyone couldn’t wait to ride around in a fast tiny car around a mock football field, trying to get the ball into an ever so explosive goal. However I think everyone can enjoy this game either by just having fun with your friends, or trying out your luck on some of the world rankings, either way, you’re bound to have a bunch of fun jumping around as a rocket fueled car trying to whack that ball around!

Invisible Inc.

invisible-incFor all you sneaky game lovers this game is most definitely worth getting your hands on. You will take control of a group of spies that you will need to utilize in order to pass various levels that are randomly generated. Every encounter will be like a new one and it will force you think outside the box every time depending on which set of spies you get, their abilities, as well as trying to figure out what the situation calls for every time.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The-binding-of-Isaac-RebirthThe beyond insanely difficult Super Meat Boy was well known for its entertaining gameplay as well as the cartoony feel that the game had, and The Binding of Isaac does the same thing. It puts you in the hellish realm of Isaac’s basement where he has to manage to beat all of the nightmarish monsters that his little mind seems to have imagined throughout his years.

The Witness

the-witnessA mysterious puzzle game with insane depth that takes you through gorgeous rural areas and makes you solve puzzles and mazes through a first person perspective. If you are interested in beautiful landscapes and mindboggling puzzles this game is certainly a great choice.


volumeVolume is a modern day Robin Hood game that has been set in a sort of virtual reality style world with elements of the known game Metal Gear Solid. A very captivating stealth game with visuals unlike any that you’ve probably seen before and most definitely a great choice for the stealth genre lovers!