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PlayStation was always faithful to its fans. With its supportive community, gamers can get awesome deals on older titles or win various prizes via PlayStation network. But this is all too familiar. PlayStation has proved time and times again that it is the best gaming console and that they appreciate their subscribers and fans of the console. If you’ve missed out on some special deals in the past you can still get your digital copy of favorite titles. To avoid spending hours on PSN trying to figure out what game to get, here is a list of best games worth playing on PlayStation so far.

Injustice 2


Another greatly anticipated game title among PS fans is Injustice 2, where heroes from Marvel galaxy battle each other in a versus mode similar to Mortal Combat series. Players will be able to choose from a variety of their favorite Marvel heroes as well as villains. The game introduces a new loot-dropping system called “Gear System” where every defeated opponent will drop a piece of armor for the selected character. This special pieces will change hero’s strength, speed and power directly affecting and changing the course of any battle. Super moves are absolutely fascinating and every character has a couple of them up their sleeve. Both single player story mode and multiplayer are available for unlocking achievements so those of you that are collecting trophies on PS should consider playing the game.


You’ve probably seen the trailer and saw how amazing it looks, and those game footages were not cinematic, they were pure fast paces gameplay. The game itself looks stunning, and it works really fast. The game development company id refused to try to create something new. Instead, they decided to stick to what they do best- creating a blood and gore FPS with intense gameplay. New abilities never seen before in Doom trilogy such as Glory Kills were implemented in the gameplay. These special finishing moves are short in-game animations that eliminate enemies in most gruesome ways, in most cases removing their limbs and bashing their sculls with it. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t interrupt the momentum of a killing spree, as it feels natural and easy to use.


Concerning the multiplayer itself, there are a couple of modifications that are new to this kind of gaming. Players are now able to create maps in the map editor and add any mode to it including something that may resemble a Capture the Flag mode, classic Deathmatch as well as Team Deathmatch and Domination mode. There are also a couple of new things that are added to a point-reward system that enables players to earn money in order to buy guns and weapon upgrades at vending machines. The possibilities are limitless with map editor mode, and the only problem is that every map is currently limited to four players. And playing a Capture the Flag mode two-on-two doesn’t bring much excitement to the game. If you haven’t got the game yet, you can try to win a psn card code via various sources and get the game absolutely for free!

Deus Ex-Mankind Divided

The story follows the “augmented” protagonist, Adam Jansen, as he struggles to create a balance between two factions- augmented people and “clean” people. When an anonymous group of hackers interfered with software in augmentations, they were able to control the minds of individuals with augmented limbs and body parts to create chaos worldwide. After this incident known as Aug Incident, the rest of the population separated themselves from the augmented people creating an anti-augmentation faction that strives to eradicate or imprison every person with augmented body modification.


What can you expect from new Deus Ex?

Every aspect of the previous part of the game is enhanced, including skill tree, abilities Adam uses, graphic and physics system. There were many teasers and trailers for the game during the development, but it was not until E3 conference that the developers revealed the original trailer for the game. The game will be supported with DirectX 11 as most of the modern games. If you loved the first part of the game and was amazed how the sequel Deus Ex- Human Revolution you will most definitely worship Deus Ex- Mankind Divided. Developer team was extra careful to bring the fans of this title what they want by considering the critics and comments of the users.

Telltale never fails


After successful game titles like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead series and Tales from Borderlands, Telltale makes a bold move by adapting the Batman Series. This time, Gotham’s protector is troubled by his own duality and the concept of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman. The player will be presented with a choice to approach every situation as Batman or Bruce Wayne. According to the developers the game is set in time five years after Bruce becomes Batman. Every decision will bear consequences as in previous Telltale games. The story will follow Wayne as he tries to bring down the Falcone family. Nothing but the exceptional gameplay is to be expected from this game, as Telltale has proven times and again that whatever they create becomes a success.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Love horror games? Do you own a Play Station console as well? Then you’re all set to play this amazing new sequel to the Resident Evil franchise. The game introduces first-person view never before seen in this franchise. It enables more immersive gameplay set in this biohazard infected universe. It’s a classic horror that had much success and was reviewed positively by various game critics.


These were some of the must-have games that you should definitely fit on your virtual shelf as they are truly some of the best titles for PlayStation.You’ll never get bored playing them as they are playable even after you complete the game.