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Gift cards and gift codes, in general, are becoming an invaluable resource for every consumer that prefers unconventional methods of purchasing goods. They allow discounts for purchased goods and on some occasions, you can even win gift cards for free. Depending on where you choose to purchase or acquire them, you might find that they are surprisingly affordable. But what about PlayStation gift cards? Surely there is a way to get them at a discount as well. Many gamers have the same question in their mind and as that number increases, we’ve decided to list major online stores that provide gift card purchases.



One of the most common pit stops for every PlayStation gamer is Amazon. Whenever you need to increase your balance via gift cards or search for other goods, the first place to look is this online store. Because it is extremely easy to find great deals for gift codes on this and similar online stores, consumers of all types seem to prefer this store next to any other out there. It’s a great place to find whatever you need, whether it’s a coupon for 7-Eleven or any other store or a PlayStation Network gift card.

The tradition of buying via Amazon began soon after it was founded as a company. Although this online retail store started as a bookstore, they expanded quickly in the retail business and added a variety of other items to their stock. Nowadays, a consumer that chooses Amazon as their favorite place to shop online has everything from software, audiobooks, mp3 and other audio media available for purchase. If you’re still wondering how to get free psn card before the Christmas, now it’s time to start searching for online stores for special deals and possibly win it as a price from other sources.



Looking for great deals on purchasing gaming media and other gaming related stuff? True gamers know that G2A is one of the best ways to purchase your digital versions of favorite games. This online store has every popular game title available at display. The best thing about it is that you can find discounts on those titles that you won’t find on other places. If you time your purchase, you can land a 20 or 30 percent discount on a game released merely months ago. So not only that you’ll save money, but you’ll also get a chance to play popular games before anyone. This is why G2A should be supported and advertised by consumers.

While browsing for titles to purchase on this retail store, you’ll get the feeling that it wasn’t designed by those close to developers of the actual titles. The discount that they have to offer make popular games surprisingly affordable.

Best Buy

This particular online store, might not be the first choice when searching for a place to shop online, but it does have some interesting deals. Next to ordinary, mundane items on their online shelf, you’ll also find great deals on gift cards. PlayStation Network gift cards to be precise. So if you’re thinking that there are only a few legitimate ways to get your precious card codes, you’re wrong. Among other, BestBuy online stores also have gift cards for sale. The only difference when purchasing via this online store is that you’ll get incredible discounts for gift cards but also for other items as well. You might want to use Best Buy gift cards for purchasing other common goods non-related to interactive media.


PlayStation Store

Since the release of PlayStation Network, Sony had in mind different tactics of earning online, then by subscription and retails of digital media. The goal was to create a supportive network that would prove useful to PlayStation users. This would imply that the PlayStation store was used for promoting popular game titles, as well as for informing gamers about the upcoming events about gaming industry related to Sony’s products. After recognizing Xbox as their rightful competitor, Sony developed a way to keep their audience faithful to their products, lest they go to their competitor. Incredibly insightful way to do so was to offer gift codes and gift cards to their users next to common bonuses that PSN subscriber would have. Indeed it has proved to be a great strategy to keep their user base intact, or at least to prevent a notable decrease in numbers.

You can buy gift cards of various denominations at PlayStation Store. While some codes will unlock the whole title, as if purchased, other will increase your balance or provide a discount on purchase. So whether you’re planning on adding a title to your game collection, or simply extending your subscription this online store should be the first choice for a PlayStation user.



A great thing about eGifter is that you can get your hands on all types of gift cards intended for use on Amazon, Adidas, American Eagle, Applebee’s, Best Buy, Macy’s, Nike as well as many other online and physical stores. Among these things, you can also set up a group gifting with friends, which is a superb way to contribute, and also buy gift cards with Bitcoins.

Being that Bitcoin is an increasingly popular digital currency if you have them on your balance you’re probably purchasing via stores that accept Bitcoins as a currency. This being said, another reason for using eGifter for online purchase of PlayStation Network gift cards would be the fact that you can use this cryptocurrency. It shouldn’t be your first choice when looking for a place online to purchase precious gift cards but it does deserve a spot on this list exactly because of the above-mentioned reasons.

The point is, that although there are many online stores that sell gift cards, you might want to check the features of each method and decide whether to get them there or via another source. So before you go on a PSN gift card hunt, take a look at these options and pick the one that suits you the most.