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Lego games are unique and fun to play without a doubt. But what is it that makes a simple game like this so interesting and appealing to players? Lego games have one advantage over other games, and it’s to present a story that they are recreating with a pinch of Lego trademark humor.

Without this, there would be no point in recreating a story from another game or movie. Star Wars the Force Awakens have the same freedom in recreating the last sequel of Star Wars franchise and add their unique humor making the game outstandingly fun for the whole family.

Game mechanics and Lego universe

If you’ve played any Lego game before then, you know how things go. You’ll start with some basic characters that are in no way inferior to those that you unlock but rather different, and work your way through the story as you unlock new characters. There are a couple of changes in the mechanics seen in previous Lego games.

This first one you’ll notice is the cover system. Now, covering system can be difficult to master even for experienced gamers. Luckily the developers thought about the younger audience when creating Lego Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Anyone can master the cover system as it is easy as pressing a single button.


To enter the cover simply walk to a wall or a fence, and press a cover button. Auto-aim does wonders in these situations because, again, younger audience will be pleased to know that you won’t have to manually aim your opponents, but rather press a button a dispatch them one by one.

As you progress, you’ll unravel stories of each character, and even peep into the Star Wars universe beyond what the movie offered. Apparently, there is another side to every story, and this is exactly what makes this game interesting.

You’ll unravel stories from other than just main characters, some of which include KyloRen, Darth Sidious, and Darth Vader as no Star Wars game can go without mentioning the infamous Lord Vader.

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Puzzles and riddles

The best thing about this Lego Star Wars game is that anyone can play it. There is no age restriction,yet it’s surprisingly fun to play even for an older audience.

There is something about the rewarding system of each destroyed item that releases Lego parts for you to pick up, that makes you want to find every hidden item, secret and get enough of those parts to unlock every character. There have been some changes to the puzzle system seen in previous Lego games.


Now you can choose which object to make and solve the puzzle. So there is the element of finding the secret parts, figuring out the riddle itself and finding means to resolve it.

The difficulty of each puzzle is just hard enough so that every member of the younger audience can solve with the little help of grownups. While in some cases you’ll need to pay attention to where you place to object that you’re building, in other you’ll have to choose which object to place.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are authentic Lego game graphics that we’ve seen in previous editions. There is, however, improvement in the cut scenes, where players can really feel the atmosphere of Star Wars universe. Apparently, the developers of Star Wars: the Force Awakens really thought about bringing the atmosphere back to star wars game.

There’s the all too familiar cut scene with flying yellow letters describing the plot, trademark music with familiar symphonies; characters have dialogue lines unique only to them, Jedi, Sith, the Empire, the Republic, rebels, etc.


Every element that creates a Star Wars Universe is there so if you’re a fan of Star Wars and want to introduce your kids to the Star Wars universe; this game will be an excellent example no matter how young they are.

Another important element of this game is humor. Because Lego games have the freedom of depicting a movie, a game or a comic, through their own Lego universe, there a lot of room for their unique humor and catchphrases.

Multiplayer is where the fun starts

Lego games wouldn’t be any fun if you couldn’t play them with your friends and family members. And this is exactly why this game provides so much fun to fans of Star Wars. You can sit back and enjoy the full campaign in a co-op mode playing with your friend.

There is a neat split-screen system that allows both players to explore the map for as long as they want without having to travel together all the time. But the game does focus on working together and joining efforts to defeat the enemy, solve puzzles and get as many Lego parts as possible.


Some puzzles actually require both players to perform different actions in order to solve them. And not many Star Wars game have this type of co-op mode, although there is a lot of multiplayer.

But if you really want to explore the Star Wars universe with your best friend, family member or soul mate, presuming that you’re both Star Wars fans, you should definitely try this game. Although there is quite a number of Star Wars game on both console and PC none of them can provide this unique co-op experience of exploring the universe.

When it comes to exploration and teamwork, Star Wars: the Force Awakens is definitely one of the best yet as it creates a feeling of dependency on one another. Having this kind of bond with your newly found friend will definitely send you further into the exploration of the Star Wars Universe.