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Users of the Playstation Network are protesting against the monthly fee for the PSN services. Namely, the PSN combines online multiplayer games and the PS+ feature together, but you have to pay for it every month. This created a problem because many users don’t want to use the PS+ feature, they just want to play games with their friends online. So, how are things now and is PSN going to be free ever again?

At first, Sony thought that the benefits of PS Plus will be enough to motivate people to pay for PSN services, but things didn’t go as planned. Ever since the PSN arrived, the PS Network was considered to be inferior to what Microsoft’s Xbox Live had to offer. After seven years, things are still the same. The only area where the PSN is better than Xbox Live is the price. While Xbox Live needed a paid Gold membership for online gaming, the PSN was free for all PS3 users. Sony introduced the paid PS Plus memberships later on and they granted additional perks like cloud-based game saving and free games every month.


Everything had changed when PS4 was released. All owners of the console must have a PS Plus membership if they want to play games online. Many PSN users didn’t want to pay for online services if they already spend money on the console and the video games, but Sony thought that things had to change no matter what. The vice president of Sony Network Entertainment stated that Sony worked hard for over a decade to make the PSN possible and that they have to bill users to keep it functional.

The people over at Sony Entertainment are absolutely sure that the benefits of PS Plus outweigh the extra cost every month. The guys at sony keep pointing out that they need the money from memberships to improve the network further. They also say that paying memberships get free games for PS3, PS4, and PS VITA every month. Other apps that can be found on the PSN are free, but online playing has to be paid for.

PS4 users

There were some rumors that PSN network will eventually become free for all PS4 users, but that is still far away. The problem with the monthly subscription to PSN for many PS4 owners is the paying aspect. Why would owners have to spend extra cash every month to play the games using a console that they both paid for? That’s a legitimate question that’s still not being answered to.


The thing is, most people don’t care about the PS Plus features, including sales at the PS Store, free titles that are given away every month, and other features presented by PSN. All they want to do is play their favorite games with their best friends free of charge. For example, if you want to play something with friends once or twice a week, the monthly subscription is not worth it. Even if you spend every day with a joystick in your hands, why should you pay for something that is included in many other platforms?

This is a question that probably won’t be answered until the new generation of the Playstation console appears. When that happens, odds are that PS4 players won’t have to pay for online gaming through the PSN. Something similar happened with PS3 when the newer console appeared. Maybe something entirely different appears and changes the whole system of online PS gaming, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


As far as those beneficial features that Sony Entertainment is talking about are not that great at all. If you pay for PS Plus expecting to receive some awesome new games every month, you’re in for a disappointment. PS Plus users get 6 free titles every month, two for each platform, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. In most cases, those games are outdated and not that popular anymore, so you can’t find active players in-game that often.


The only real benefit you get is the possibility to play games online. Ok, sometimes you can score a nice title for less money, but you can do that elsewhere too. The best and perhaps cheapest way of getting what you want from the PS Store is using a free ps plus card. These cards or vouchers hold a combination of symbols you have to enter at the PS Store. You can exchange them for new games or in-game currencies, but you have to know where to look for them.