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PlayStation released numerous game titles over the years. And only a few of them were nominated for becoming this console’s new icon in gaming.

Naturally, for a video game to be recognized as a crown jewel, that is iconic for this particular console, it needs to possess a set of qualities that separates it from the rest.

Next to compelling story, impeccable gameplay and stunning graphics such game would have to be comprised of a dozen more qualities. Wondering if Horizon Zero Dawn is one of them? Let’s find out if it has what it takes to become PlayStation’s new icon.

The importance of a good storyline

A good story in a game title is recognized within minutes of play trough. If you have all the answers in the beginning, or you can see where the story is going, chances are that the game won’t keep your attention for long.

Being that this is a post-apocalyptic, open world type of a game, you’ll have plenty of unanswered questions at the very beginning. How did the civilization end? Who are the survivors?

Where are these mechanical adaptations of prehistoric animals coming from? Why are human beings not the dominant species anymore? As you unravel the story you get answers for most of these questions.


Another quality that a game should possess is a decent playthrough time. If you can finish a game in five or six hours, you won’t think much of it, right? In a scenario that you’ve bought such game you won’t have many reason not to resent it.

So, if you aren’t sure if the game has some qualities or not you can try win psn voucher and get the game for free without spending a dime. There is something about the challenge of getting the answers from a game.

To finish Horizon Zero Dawn, and indulge your curiosity about the state in which the world is, you’ll have to spend around thirty hours. So you don’t have to worry about this game being too short or that you’ll get answers without breaking a sweat.

Moral choices and character development

During the game, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shape your character, both in skills and perks that you can unlock but more importantly as a person. Unlike in most games that provide moral choices, Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t focus on presenting them as good or bad.

Whenever Alloy, the main protagonist, needs to make a choice it will shape her into an insightful, head-on or compassionate person. This way players can really connect with the character.


Depending on which approach you chose to deal with the situation, she will automatically adapt those ways as a part of her character. But that’s not all; you can shape and reshape her character with each choice she makes later on in the game.

Open world, linearity, and repetition

It seems that game developers are producing more and more games with open world aspect to it. And this is definitely a good thing. The problem with non-open world games is that they can be quite linear at times. Especially if the story is designed in such way. This game is something else.

Not only that you can focus on side quests without paying too much attention to the main story, but you can explore the world for as long as your current level allows you to. And this is only due to the difficulty of the task at hand. So the main quest won’t affect your exploration in any way.

A unique blend of futurism and fantasy is added to the game that makes is so special. If someone was to pay attention to cons of this game, they might mention the repetition of attacking bandit camps, and unlocking areas of the map by climbing on the ‘tall necks.’

But the thing with this game is that it doesn’t really have many flaws. Even if you find some, you won’t think of them as having a big impact on the overall quality of the game.

Sound, graphics and atmosphere

The quality of voice acting in Horizon Zero Dawn is an example of how voice acting should be done in games. Ashley Burch, who is mostly known for her voice acting in Life is Strange, gave a real depth to the main protagonist’s character with her voice.

Next to her and a dozen more of professional voice actors, Lance Reddick (mostly known for playing in HBO’s crime/drama series “The Wire”) gives voice to Sylens, who is another important character.

Every single line of dialog is spoken in this game. Even if Alloy is talking to a random NPC, or giving a comment on the situation, the lip sync is spot on. The amount of attention to sound effects that developers had when creating the game is truly inspiring.

Graphics in this game are absolutely amazing, and there in no two ways about it. Even the most demanding gamers will feel content about how stunning the world looks, and how every detail is designed to perfection.


Forget about every other game on PlayStation and how beautiful the graphics are; this one outmatches them all. The biggest quality could easily be the amount and diversity of colors. Every flower in the field, every tree feels different as it’s comprised of dozens of colors.

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn on HD screen with a surround system will truly be an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is this game’s biggest virtue, as it combines stunning graphics, amazing sound effects and music to provide with a unique surrounding.

Every enemy that you encounter will sound different, and there is no repetition in sound as well. You can depend on sound alone to predict enemy movement. The day and night cycles are extremely satisfying to watch.

You can basically spend hours watching a sunset or waiting for a sunrise. This is one of those aspects that makes a game so unique and different from every other out there.

To conclude, only one game can bear the title of being a PlayStation’s icon, and Horizon Zero Dawn is definitely the only one that can continue the footsteps of the “Uncharted” series.

It has all the qualities that ideal console game should have and very little flaws that seem insignificant in comparison to virtues.