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Are your one of those console gamers that can’t stop until they’ve completed 100 % of a game? If you are, then you must be pretty excited with PlayStations trophy system. It was introduced for the first time on PlayStation consoles with the 2.40 update.

Since then, players were able to win trophies by unlocking achievements in most of the games on the PSN. But what’s the use of these shiny proofs that you’re a hardcore gamer? Well for starters they get you points, you can use these points in PlayStation Store. So the more you play, the less you pay for adding more games to your collection.

And speaking of points and trophies, they all have a different value. Platinum trophies have the highest value in points, so naturally, you’ll go for them. But getting a platinum trophy isn’t an easy thing to do, at least in most games.

So here’s a thought: play games that you can get trophies from without breaking a sweat. If you find this strategy for increasing your trophies count interesting, you’ll need to find out how to implement it. Scroll down to obtain this knowledge.

The Wolf Among Us

Earning platinum trophies from this game will be the extremely fun, as this is one Telltale game that you don’t want to miss out. Wondering why I used plural for a trophy? Well, that’s only because this game is so awesome that it gets you not one, but three platinum trophies.


Next, to PlayStation 3, both Vita and PS4 have a trophy option for this game, so knock yourself out. And in case you’re wondering about alternate ways of getting the game, next to buying it you can also try your luck and “spin the wheel of fortune” for a chance to win free PSN voucher.

Unlike other Telltale games, The Wolf Among Us requires you to go back to each episode after completing them and choose a different option in dialogue. So basically all you need to do is beat the game twice.

Being that this game has a compelling and unique mystery tale, you’ll enjoy even the second time of your play-through as the game series adapts on the choices you make, tailoring the story by how you play. We did remember that.

L.A. Cops or Hotline Miami Rip-off

Let’s just mention that Hotline Miami was a great idea. A low budget, old-school 2-bit inspired game with great physics and an awesome gameplay. But apparently, everything that’s good can become a bastard offspring of a game project such as this title called L.A. Cops.

But enough about the lack or inspiration, creativity, and vertebrae in game developers, we’re here to find those platinum trophies!To get the platinum trophy from this game, you’ll need to complete all levels on nightmare difficulty. Playing on hardest difficulty leaves you without auto aim and the ability of your organs to coexist with a certain amount of lead in the game.

But that shouldn’t stop a hardcore gamer such as yourself. You should be able to beat every level in less than five minutes, therefore to get the platinum trophy you’ll spend 65 minutes tops playing L.A. Cops.

Need For Speed

This might not be the fastest earned trophy, but it’s most definitely the easiest one to get. The game was released in November 2015 by no other than EA games. Need for Speed requires a constant online connection so keep those background downloads paused.


To earn the platinum trophy, you’ll need to get two achievements: “Serious Fun” and “Beyond Extreme.” The fist achievement requires you to complete 15 daily challenges. Keep in mind that you can perform only 3 per day.

If you’re renting the game make sure that you’re allowed to play it for five days to get all those daily challenges and unlock the achievement. To get the “Beyond Extreme” achievement, all you need to do is max out your drift or grip settings. Being that you can do this in less than five days all you’ll have to do is focus on daily challenges and gameplay consistency.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a sports racing game developed and published by Psyonix. As you may remember, they also developed promising titles such as Nosgoth and Vampire Hunter: The Dark Prophecy, both of which were eventually canceled.

In terms of collecting trophies, this should be a walk in the park, especially if you have two controllers. Start a match with two controllers and meet all the requirements for the achievements within the match. The hardest part should be obtaining the “Far far away..” achievement, if by hard your consider leaving your controller over the night with a rubber band on the analog stick while your console is on.

This particular achievement requires you to drive 500 km in any vehicle. So start a match and leave your vehicle driving in circles overnight while your rest and dream about that platinum trophy.

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is a single-player, open world, action-adventure game developed by radical entertainment. The trophy list shouldn’t give you any troubles as, by the time you’ve completed the game, you won’t have any achievements unchecked.


The only achievement that will take time to earn is the “All Grown Up” achievement that requires a fully upgraded character. You can do this in two ways. Being that you need to beat the game on the hardest difficulty to get the platinum trophy, you can either play on hard from the beginning or complete on easy and then start over on hard.

But you’re here for the easy solution, right? After you’ve completed the game on the lowest difficulty, you’ll already have a maxed out character and unlocked “All Grown Up” achievement.

So there is no need to spend hours playing on hard to complete the game while trying to max out Heller (main character) in the process. Simply start over with the same character once you’ve beaten the game on easy and work your way up finishing all side missions and getting all the collectibles.