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There is a great dilemma – Playstation 4 or Xbox One, which console is better and why? This year may be one of the most important years in differencing Ps4 from Xbox, so let us take a quick look at some of the most important features of both consoles.

Xbox One is one of the most involved consoles, from November 2014 till today it undergone numerous changes and at the present moment Windows 10 is coming together with console, which make it real great deal. User interface also received important changes and many new features are implemented in the device.

From other side, Playstation 4 has more subtle design, but the great advantage is excellent Plus service, much better games and support. Playstation network is more favorable among users compared to Xbox live because of it’s promotions and the fact that you can get free PSN gift card codes online. Analytics are more inclined toward Xbox because the future is almost here. Xbox One presented Elite Controller and other exclusives that are planned for this year.

Let us compare some of the most important features of both consoles. First issue is, off course, price! Have in mind that the price can differentiate a little, but generally speaking the price of Xbox One is around 100$ larger then Playstation 4. Nowadays, both consoles can be purchased with larger hard drive, extra feature that can help you store your games directly on the console. When we are talking about design, there are many differences that you may notice on Playstation 4 and Xbox, but let us summarize. First thing that is noticeable is fact that Playstation 4 is much smaller console, so if you are looking for practical side, Ps4 wins in that criteria. When you are buying console, it is not only the box itself, console itself that is important, there are many aspects that are involved in the process. Playstayion 4 is also in this domain more practical as Xbox One has a huge “brick” that comes with cables, so once again you will need a more space if you are buying Xbox One. Playstation 4 only needs one single cable, so it is very practical. Xbox from other side has much better connectivity options and that include several USB ports, while Playstation 4 has two ports. It also has Blu-ray drive and there is power port at the bottom of the console, including AUX ports, Ethernet and HDMI.

From other side, on Xbox One you have more options. Disc drive is placed in the front with simple eject button, to the left is USB port for charging your controller and if you turn console to the back you will see a lot of additional ports – HDMI and optical out, TV HDM and AC power port. Next to them are IR out and Ethernet port, two USB ports and Kinect port. In this regards Xbox is offering more than Playstation 4, but. let us analyze controllers, as one of the major elements that plays part when you are deciding to buy Xbox One or Playstation 4.

Dualshock 4 is a little bit strange controller in our opinion, while previous version on Xbox 360 was much easier to handle. Xbox pad has two motors in the controller that are creating feedback, which makes this controller ideal for racing games. D-pad is also revised, so now it is more responsive, so it is ideal for fighting and arcade games. Downside is that Xbox controller still needs AA batteries while from other side Playstation 4 DualShock is rechargeable. Dualshock 4 is a little bit bigger than previous controllers in the series and they are giving excellent feeling in the gameplay. This new controller is really great for the most of the games with upgraded and improved analog sticks. At the end, did we found right conclusion? Well, not yet, both consoles have advantages and disadvantages, so at the end of the day, it comes to the realm of personal taste and preferences.