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We can safely say that the Playstation 4 won the competition of this generation of consoles – it is the most powerful of three systems, has some pretty good exclusive games, and arguably the best looks. And even though this sleek piece of technology came out all the way back in the fall of 2013, there are still some owners who don’t know everything about it, especially the little, hidden tricks and features. We’re about to reveal to you six of the most interesting PS4 features that most of the people don’t find about in their first months of ownership.

Getting more battery out of controller

As you know, the front panel of the Dualshock controller has a light bar that can change the color and make things easier for you and your friends during the group gaming sessions. This thing can be a real battery drainer, but luckily, you can dim the light and thus prolong the battery’s life. In order to do this, you just need to hold down the PS home button and go to Adjust Sound and Devices.


There, scroll down to Brightness section and just choose the “Dim” option, and voila! Your battery will last significantly longer. The controllers won’t look as attractive anymore, but we’re pretty sure that most of the owners care about the duration of gaming sessions much more than about the lights on the controllers.

Typing with the motion control

Even though it’s possible to buy the specific keyboards for most of the popular consoles, let’s be real – no one is using those things. The virtual keyboard gets the job done, even though it’s sometimes a real bore to go through it with your D-pad. That’s where the inbuilt accelerometer in the PS4’s Dualshock controller comes in, as you can use it to float around the virtual keyboard and type what you wanted in a much easier and efficient way. Enabling this feature is as easy as a pie – you only have to click the right thumbstick whenever the keyboard pops up. The whole thing looks and feels far more natural than going left and right with the D-pad!

Using the phone as a keyboard

While we’re on the subject of typing, the motion-control is not the only alternative to the D-pad. One can also use his smartphone as a keyboard, which is pretty convenient if you’re used to it and type with it every day. To enable this, you just have to visit the Apple Store or Google Play and download the official Playstation App, and make sure that your console and smartphone are connected to the very same Wi-Fi network.


After that, go to the settings on your PS4, click the PlayStation App Connection Settings, and choose the Add Device option. All that is left to do now is to open the app on your smartphone and choose the Connect to PS4 option, and you’re good to go.

Turning on the TV simultaneously with the PS4

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This is very convenient if you’re using your TV only for gaming, as it doesn’t require you to grab the TV controller and turn on the TV separately. This can be turned on very easily – once again, you’ll have to go to Settings on your console and select the System option. After that, all that is left to do is to check the box next to the Enable HDMI Device Link option, and that’s it. Now, your TV will automatically turn on when you press the button on the PS4 controller. But, don’t forget that this feature works only on the most modern TVs, and it might not be working on yours.

Playing PS4 games remotely from a PC

The Playstation 4 can, fortunately, stream your games to a nearby computer, provided you have a strong internet connection. The first step in enabling this is to download the PS4 Remote Play application for your PC and install it, while on the console, you only have to visit the Settings and click the Enable Remote Play in the Remote Play Connection Settings.


Now, you only have to connect a controller to your PC by using the standard USB cable, and launch the previously-mentioned Remote Play application. To play the best games in this way, get some PSN Store money code from our website.

Customizing the buttons on a controller

Now, this is something that we’ve been waiting for years. Most people like playing their games in a specific way, using the controls to their liking, which was almost impossible on consoles until now. The button remapping is here, allowing you to make any button have a function of another button! This can be enabled by going to Settings, then Accessibility, and then to the Button Assignments option. There, you can easily change the function of specific buttons, and make your gaming session far more enjoyable and pleasant.

Taking the screenshots in a quick way

Taking and sharing screenshots of their games is something that most of the PS4 players do, and it can be done fairly quickly – all you have to do is to push the Share button, and choose the option from a menu that just popped up. But there’s a faster way do to this, and to enable it, you’ll have to visit the Options in the Share menu and choose the Sharing and Broadcasting settings. There, choose the Button Control Type, and then select the Easy Screenshots option. From now, you’ll only have to press the Share button once – and you’ll get your screenshot immediately!


As you can see, none of these options are complicated to turn on, and yet most of the users don’t know about them. They can make your gaming much easier and more enjoyable, and all that it takes is a dozen of minutes of your time to turn them on and make things more pleasant for each of the upcoming gaming sessions.