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It tends to get overwhelming sometimes when it comes to picking out which games to buy out of all the outstanding titles that tend to get released time and time again on the PSN. And while it would be marvelous to be able to possess all of these great games, and have the time to play them at all times that simply is unrealistic for the most part.

As such we’ve done a pretty hefty analysis of the most popular games with the highest sale numbers and cross referenced them with the genre, demographic as well as other statistics to get you the most prudent information on some of the most mindboggling games you could get on your console.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or more of a casual that enjoys relaxing with friends or family we’re most certain that you will find the game for you on this list we have prepared for you, making sure that you definitely get the bang for your buck and that whatever free time you actually happen to have you spend the best way economically and entertainment wise and have no regrets.

Now that we’re clear on the usefulness of this list, let’s get right into it and jump right into the Top 5 Games!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

I think that this is most definitely a game that requires little to no introduction. The game that has amazed everyone that either loves the Witcher series, or the RPG genre was left gasping for breath when they played through this amazing piece of gaming history. It will come as no surprise that it has gotten the Game of the Year award from almost any renowned name in game criticism, and as such has truly taken its rightful place in gaming history.


Whether you will enjoy riding around the game, taking in the immersive world, sights and people, or hunting for herbs and materials in order to make the strongest weapons, poisons and potions to defeat the toughest of mechanical enemies is up to you. But know that whatever you choose, you will have countless hours of fun and with the game’s insane level of difficulty, be able to challenge yourself and make you feel like you’ve truly earned everything that you fought for.


The newest title that the titan in the gaming industry, Blizzard, has released. And this time I dare say that they have finally done a good job releasing a game, which has not happened in a while. Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm have been games not worth their hype, but Overwatch actually delivered on all the things it promised and more!

You can enjoy the game and just play on your PS with some friends, or go into the Competitive Matches and try to truly test you skill against some serious players. You will enjoy some beautiful graphics and very interesting characters as you do and find yourself wanting to have more time to pick up a gun, hammer or even hook and dominate your enemies in every match you get into!


This game is something that any Playstation 4 owner should get, considering that it is a console exclusive and a game as iconic as it comes. The art in this game is something nothing less than one of a kind and this will be apparent to you as soon as you open it up and encounter the first enemy.


Step into a grotesque and gothic world of monsters waiting to be hunted, by you, the hunter. Bring an end to all sorts of unique creatures and bosses that stalk this dark and creepy realm and grow in power with every kill that you make. This game is however not for the feint of hearted or the impatient, as the game’s extreme difficulty will punish you for every little mistake that you make and then make you fight your way through the hordes of enemies once again.

Dishonored 2

The long awaited sequel of the Dishonored series, if you enjoy a great story coupled with some never before seen assassination mechanics, then you most definitely need to get yourself a copy of this game, which you can do with a playstation 4 store money code that you could pick up from our site right now!

When you do pick up this assassin dream game you will be put in a world riddled with a new plague, and dark shadowy magic, where your choice of how to react in certain situations will have a heavy impact on the world and the game’s ending as well.

You can choose to become a master of your craft by using the most precise tools and making sure that they are constantly evolved and improved or delve into the strange realm of the shadow arcane arts and use magic and forces outside of your understanding to help you succeed in your endeavors. Whichever path you do end up choosing, do not take the choice lightly.


One of the games that has made the 2D sidescroller platformer puzzle scene erupt with positive feedback in the year 2016. A dark and eerie game that find the main protagonist, a young boy, in a dystopic world that has to solve environmental puzzles and problems in a 2.5D setting in order to survive, evade death and escape.


If any of you have played the equally iconic game Limbo, you’re surely going to enjoy this game that comes from the same developer, except this time they went above and beyond to create an atmosphere and environment that will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for more and apprehensively making every next step in fear what might come next.

A must have for any enthusiasts of the puzzle and logic genre, because the game will not only deeply challenge your mind, but reel you into the dark world in which it is placed in.