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Anime fans from all over the world reunite and rejoice as Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition is out and available for purchase. The fifth installment of the award-winning game marks the return of this franchise as the previous sequel was released almost ten years ago.

Not only that now you can enjoy playing the latest release from this franchise, but you get to play it on PlayStation 4 for the first time. Furthermore, with premium edition, you don’t only get the game but also all sorts of guide books, data on lore, character design and many other neat things.

Wondering is it worth the money? Let’s find out and see what unboxing Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” premium edition gets you.

Unwrapping the Present

Before your even start unboxing your Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition, you need to take a moment to appreciate the amazing artwork on the cover box. Distinguishable anime style drawn characters will certainly hype you up even before you insert the disc and see the first intro.


For an anime fan, nothing compares to this experience of opening a perfectly wrapped present and discovering tons of neat things inside that overstimulate your lust for anime lore.

Haven’t got your hands on your premium edition? If you’re short on cash but consider yourself a big fan of Persona 5, you can always get free PS4 codes and play the game without paying a dime for it.

Trinkets and Treasures

The price of Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition can certainly be justified by the sheer quality of content in it. Next to a Persona 5 disc, you’ll also get a variety of other stuff. Most of this content can easily be considered as every Anime fan’s ultimate treasure.

The first thing that you’ll notice while opening the box is the artwork book. Inside it, you’ll find various character art as well as some basic design of popular locations in the game. It’s a must have if you’re a big Persona fan.

Next up, there is the ‘Sound of Rebellion’ disk. A selective soundtrack list that features all the popular songs in the game. It can be a nice addition to your playlist that you can listen to whenever you’re not around your console. The game itself is beautifully wrapped in a ‘steel’ case, which is actually made from aluminum.


But hey, who cares, it has more Persona 5 artwork on it! As if all of this stuff isn’t enough, you also get a replica bag from the Shujin Academy in the game. It will be a great addition to your cosplay accessory items.

And what premium edition box is complete without the icon of the game. A mini version of Morgana is also inside, ready to move in with you and accessorize your gaming room.

The Game Itself

First of all Persona 5 isn’t some mainstream game that everyone knows of. Playing this game will make you feel as if you’re actually watching anime due to its amazing artwork and graphic style. Therefore this game is extremely popular amongst anime fans.

There was a lot of hype about this game in Japan prior to its release, and the release in the U.S. wasn’t any different. It’s a well-designed game with hours and hours of gameplay. You can literally play for days and still won’t get the feeling that you’re coming to a finish.


Everything about this game is absolutely awesome. Although its style, presentation, and storyline are unique, this game may not be for everyone. But there are so many things about this game that can attract even gamers that never heard of Persona series.

So what is Persona anyway?

Well, it’s the best JRPG out there (where J stands for Japanese) in which you collect items and battle with your party members, explore dungeons and defeat monsters. But you also live your normal life that includes performing everyday activities like going to high school and socializing with your classmates. But how can this be possible you ask?

The basic concept is that there are two worlds in Persona 5. The real world, and the shadow world. The real world is the mundane reality in which we all live in. But the shadow world is where the fun happens. And also a couple of bad things.

In the shadow world, the protagonist and his classmates can unleash their personas (hence the name of the game) and fight a battle invisible to the real world. It’s filled with dangerous monsters and beings of dark, which gives you room to loot and explore every bit of this universe.

Exploring the Metaverse

In the shadow world, you’ll be able to unleash your inner power and develop your character the way you want it. There also a lot of ‘grinding’ in Persona 5 so be ready to explore dungeons in search of awesome rewards and prizes. The whole point of this game is developing relationships with your classmates. Basically practicing your social skills.

But the way it is presented is extremely interesting. The way you progress in the shadow world and interact with your teammates, affects the reals world and the relationship with your classmates and friends.


It’s the ultimate socializing simulator for socially challenged or otherwise not so social people. The best thing about Persona 5 is that it open-handedly accepts new people to its story. It’s a completely fresh story with familiar tones from Persona universe.

Therefore you don’t have to play previous sequels in order to play this one. Another surprising element of this game is that it features rather mature topics in it. But they are very well balanced with events in the real world and unnecessary demonstrations of high school drama, talking cats, and other elements.