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Anyone who is even a remote fan of science fiction genre in gaming must be pretty excited for the upcoming release of Mass Effect Andromeda. The game will be out on 21st of Marth when it will be available for purchase on PlayStation Network. What we don’t know is what we can expect from this game.

Being that this is another sequel to a title that had much success in the past, there is a lot of expectation regarding Mass Effect Andromeda. So what do we know about the game so far? Here are some confirmed facts about the game itself that will surely help fans endure this remaining period until the game release.

Possibly more enticing storyline than in any previous sequel?

The main protagonist is one of the Ryder twins, a pathfinder and a member of the Andromeda Initiative. The Andromeda Initiative, which is comprised of four arcs each holding thousands of individuals from all races, is formed for purposes of finding new worlds to colonize and call home. The events in Mass Effect Andromeda occur before the reaper invasion, right after the second sequel of the game.


So you will hear about Shepard and his entourage, but you will have more important matter to focus at hand. Even those who didn’t witness the glory of gameplay in previous sequels of this franchise can join the story. In others terms, if you never played Mass Effect before this is the perfect time to jump in.

Rather interesting multiplayer system

There isn’t much to say about the multiplayer, except the fact that developers aren’t focusing on it as a primary aspect of the game. There is a new multiplayer system that will consist of fighting off waves of enemies as you try to complete tasks with your friends. You can customize your character’s skills and appearance or choose one of 25 available characters for multiplayer, all of which are highly customizable as well.

If you choose to buy a bundle on PSN, you can get extra XP packs that can significantly speed up your character development process. Other benefits in the bundle include Nomad skin, a deep space explorer armor, your own pet Pyjak, and tons of other things. You can also get a chance to win free PSN money codes by participating in our Fanpop quiz. Answer a couple of Mass Effect related questions, and you can win awesome prizes!

Noticeable changes in the combat and class system

The combat system still bears the mark of the Mass Effect franchise, but it has evolved in so many ways. The first and obvious change is the jetpack system. It allows you to quick get in and out of tough situations, proving various tactical strategies this way. You can do a quick dash in any direction that will be extremely useful when trying to outmaneuver your opponents. There is also an option of short hovering system that will prove as great vantage point to surprise and ambush your enemies that are behind cover.


Regarding the class system, now you don’t have to mix and match classes to get the best set of skills. There is an option of creating your own, unique class, by picking up skills that you want. On the other hand, if you do want to stick to classes that game has to offer, you will find a couple of changes. Adepts are now called plain and simple Biotics, Infiltrators are Operatives and what seems like a Vanguard class is now called a Scrapper.

Other than a change in the name you will find additional powers and skills never seen before in Mass Effect series. Even if you do manage to find a bad combination of powers, you can always reconfigure your points during the game. This allows players to really build up their combat style and experiment with each set of skills before choosing their favorite one.

Freedom of choice

No longer will you be stuck in a dilemma whether to go full paragon or maybe step off a bit and walk the renegade path. BioWare has completely removed this system where you only have two options to deal with a moral choice. Your character will now have the option to give a response based on emotions, rather than moral agenda that defines you as ultimately bad or good person.

You will simply be provided with answers and ways to deal with situations, where in some cases professionalism is needed, in others a more head-on approach is advised. And this is crucial for a game like this as it allows players to create and develop characters in their own image. There are, of course, consequences of your actions so choosing the best answer and developing that side of the character will be rewarded with later on in the game.

Introducing new technologies and player customization

Another thing that is new to Mass Effect is a scanner device that will be equipped from player’s wrist. It plays a big role in the game, as you will be able to scan various types of animals, plants, equipment and materials that can lead to new upgrades. You’ll also have the option to scan the area for clues such as blood spatters, tissue, and object fragment In order to reconstruct the situation. This was clearly taken from the Arkham series, but hey, whatever works right?


As for the player customization system, it will be quite similar to one seen in Dragon Age – Inquisition as BioWare developer Aaron Flynn announced on his Twitter account. Players will also have a chance to choose different ethnicities when creating their character, as well as add tattoos, facial scars as well as makeup.

This about sums it up when it comes to what to expect about Mass Effect Andromeda. All that there is to do now, is to patiently wait for the game’s release and enter the world of Andromeda.