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With more than 65 million active users on a monthly basis, PlayStation Network has quite a lot to cover in terms of end user’s needs. And they are certainly doing a great job so far. With so many benefits that a PlayStation Network user has now, it is easy to notice how much time and effort Sony invested in marketing.

However, there are some problems regarding availability of information, specifically about their services. Once you start using this digital media entertainment service, every benefit of PSN is available for you. And one among the best benefits is PSN discount code.


How to acquire them, then, later on, use them and finally unlock the discount is, however, another process that a newly member may not fully understand at first. It sounds complicated, but the procedure itself isn’t complex at all. To fully appreciate these benefits let’s further elaborate and shine some light on the topic, shall we?

All you need to know about PSN discount codes will be covered through these points:

  • Understanding what PlayStation Network codes are.
  • Learning their purpose.
  • Finding out how to actually acquire and use them.
  • Realizing how beneficial they are to improving end time user’s experience on PSN.

What are PSN discount codes?

PlayStation network code is set of numbers and character that allows you to unlock discount on certain games. Each of these 12 digit codes is unique and unlocks one discount per game. So you can’t stack them even if you manage to get a PSN discount code twice for the same game.

Meaning that once you get your hands on one of these, you will be able to use them only once to unlock a discount for a particular gaming title available on PSN. With this feature, Sony has drawn a considerable number of Xbox live users as well. And why shouldn’t they pick PSN over Xbox live? Benefits that a PSN user gets with a one-month or a three-month subscription are way more appealing than those of Xbox live offers.

Next to discounts, PlayStation Network offers its users free monthly games as well, and that’s just another reason to pick a PlayStation console over Xbox. Knowing all this it’s safe to say that it’s an easy decision when it comes to picking one console or another. If you’ve never owned a gaming console now is the perfect time to get one. All these features and more will be available once you get a membership on PlayStation Network.

A rather intriguing purpose of PSN discount codes

The obvious purpose of these codes is, well, to reduce the price on certain game titles. This allows users to pay up to 70% less when buying a game on PlayStation Network. These discounts vary, so sometimes you might get a 20% discount code at a giveaway, while in a different situation you might get a 70% discount and save quite a lot of money upon purchase.


There is, however, a less obvious purpose of these codes. Insightful individuals may notice that PSN attracted quite a lot of audience from other consoles. And this is only natural as no matter how determined you are to stay a loyal customer of one brand, therefore support its development, if you get a better deal, chances are you’re going to change your opinion and pick the one with bigger benefits.

Next to this being a marketing trick that is mutually beneficial for both Sony and its customers, there is another purpose of these discount codes. Whenever a member of the PlayStation Network uses a feature, they further contribute to the development of this great digital media entertainment service. So by merely being an active member of the gaming society, you’ll contribute the most to its development.

How to acquire and use PSN discount codes

This incredibly beneficial offer that Sony provides for all the subscribers of PlayStation Network is actually quite easy to get your hands on and use later. They do have an expiration date, so don’t wait too long before you use them. You can get a discount code for a particular game title, or DLC content, on PSN giveaways.

The best way to always stay updated and informed on their release date is to sign up for PSN Newsletter. Once you verify your email, you can choose to get a notification whenever a discount code appears their virtual shelves. You need to act quickly if you’re to get them every once in a while. They do come in limited amounts so stay updated and be ready to grab them the minute they’re released.


Once you get a PSN discount code, you need to follow these steps to redeem them and use them to reduce the price on a product. Head to PSN market and highlight the ‘redeem codes’ option. Once you enter, you’ll be prompted to type your discount code.

Make sure that you enter them correctly as this is a highly sensitive data. So pay attention to capital letters and make sure that you separate each 4-digit code with a dash.

Hit cross once again, and you’ll be presented with a confirmation screen that says you’ve unlocked your discount code for a particular gaming title. If you’ve got a discount code for a DLC content, you’ll need to get the actual game before you can use it.

The importance of discount codes

Not many are aware, but this benefit that allows you to reduce the price of the game up to more than half contributes to the entire gaming community. How? Every time you as a subscriber use their service you support their development and further improve their service by providing with feedback.

Sony Interactive is encouraging users to try out their services and share thoughts on their benefits. It’s a mutually beneficial process where one side gets awesome deals on games, as well as free games, and the developer gets closer to the idea what their audience needs. If the feedback is positive for a particular option, they will work on providing more similar options for their subscribers.