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We are all amazed with technology nowadays, but do we know anything about it? Sure we know the specs of every device we’re about to buy, but that’s about it. We don’t know how it works, and once it’s broken we have no idea how did the malfunction occur. There’s the same issue with gaming audience, that’s why Nintendo decided to create a cardboard box console. In case you’re a type of person that wants to know more about the device you’re using you’re in the right place. Since the release of PlayStation’s VR gaming device, there were only a few sources that revealed how it works exactly. We decided to broaden that source list and add another neat description on how VR works.

Retina display

The retina display, a term that Sony PlayStation experts like to use, provides a clearer picture than any display before. But why is that, you may ask? Apparently, it works in the same way as a big wide TV, and pixels on it. If you lower the resolution on it and play a video, you’ll notice large pixels simply because the surface on which it’s being presented is huge. As you increase the resolution, the pixels become smaller and you start to see a beautiful, clear picture but enlarged about four to five times than the one on your regular desktop display. By placing a display this close to your eyes, you get an immersive experience of what you would otherwise experience on a regular display but with less immersion effect.


The shape of the VR headset is slightly curved. This way the image is adjusted to our “normal” sight of view, presenting what we call a VR experience. The newest model of VR also packs a processor that can be connected to a HDMI port. This neat little feature allows, among other things, your friends to see what you’re seeing while playing your favorite game. The so-called “mirror mode” allows players to enjoy the game while their actions and whole gameplay is also mirrored on a screen to which the console is connected to.

Scanning your actions

The future of gaming has indeed begun with this incredible piece of gaming tech. No longer will you need a dual shock controller to play games. Instead, you’ll be able to control the actions in the virtual reality via device that suites our hand movement more naturally. The camera that’s embedded in the VR headset scans your movement and transfers that data into the virtual world of what you’re seeing.

The motion capture technology is that precise that as soon as you make even the slightest movement with your hand, presented to the machine as a slight change in data, it immediately transfers that data in the VR, without you even noticing it. This way you don’t experience any late reactions as everything you do with your hand holding the VR controller device correlates with the actions in your favorite VR game.


Although there is only a small number of VR games on the PlayStation Network, the good side of it is that you can get most of them with free psn voucher codes. They’ll enable you to purchase the game without spending a fortune. The price of the VR headset is quite expensive to say the least, but we do hope to see some changes regarding pricing range of VR in the future. And there is every reason to believe such speculations, as the more it becomes available the better the more affordable the price will be for all of us.

This technology is quite fresh and new, even now a year since the release, but we will see improved, more affordable versions of it in the future. That much is certain.

Visual and audio

Without its amazing ability to present visually stunning effects the VR wouldn’t be so praised despite the fact that it’s a revolution in gaming. The graphics allow us to perceive virtual reality in stunning HD resolution and the audio technology that comes with it isn’t short on quality too. Apparently, the new VR technology features 3D binaural technology allowing us to hear sound from every direction. No matter if you’re playing your favorite zombie shooter or enjoying a match of tennis you’ll be able to hear the sound coming from each direction. This gives us full experience of VR technology and that’s why it’s so expensive, at least for now.


You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and really feel the goosebumps as you traverse through the house evading infected house owners. This game, as well as some other of the same concept, are indeed a challenge for most demanding gamers, as nothing compares to playing a horror game on a VR headset. This is exactly why you should invest in this new technology and experience the full gameplay as it was intended in the first place.

To conclude

Modern technology allowed us so much in terms of improving our everyday life, but as well as in entertainment. The VR technology is only the beginning of the new era of modern gaming. It allows us to step in the shoes of our favorite heroes and really get the feeling how it’s like to slay monsters, play sports that aren’t so available otherwise, or simply enjoy exploring the area you can’t visit that easily.


Despite the speculations that this type of technology is bad for our health, we gamers like to think that it’s actually beneficial to the development of our cognitive functions. There were thousands of comments that violent games increase violence in young adults, but all of those were only speculations not supported by facts. This is why you should enjoy playing games instead of listening to what public has to say about it. The whole purpose of playing games is to relax, unwind or let the stress out, so next time you turn on your favorite console make sure that you create the appropriate atmosphere and enjoy as your should.