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If you are a PlayStation subscriber and you want to know what games will be free in February don’t look further. We have all the information about the free games that are coming your way in February.

The official date when the games will come out has been announced and it will be on February 7. For this month Sony has put together some of the best and incredibly creative games such as LittleBigPlanet 3 and the action packed game Not a Hero.

Not a Hero

The game Not a Hero is an excellent shooter from the third person perspective that was developed by indie studio Roll7 that is based in the UK. Not a Hero was first released around the middle of 2015, but only available for iOS.

The PlayStation version was released in the beginning of 2016. Not a Hero has also received very positive reviews when first released.


Not a Hero is a 2D shooter game, where the player objective is to fight their way through buildings to get to the criminals they need to kill.

The story of this game is that a purple rabbit named BunnyLord has returned from 2048 on a quest to get elected for mayor to be able to alien invasion and save the entire world. His mission is to prove the citizens that they have to elect him and clean up the city from crime.


LittleBigPlanet 3

LBP 3 is a puzzle-platformer video game which was developed for the PS3 and PS4 by Sumo Digital. This game was released at the end of 2014, and it was the third part of the LBP series.

When the LBP 3 was released, it has received generally positive reviews about the graphics, new creative modes, and other elements of the game like the addition of the few new characters. However, LBP 3 got criticized about some Technical issues. Overall it was a good addition to the series.

You can buy it on the PS4 Store for only $19.99, but if you don’t want to spend any money we recommend trying out a program like Psn code generator.


The gameplay elements of LBP 3 are very similar to the previous two games of the LBP series. As the previous versions of LBP, this also had the emphasis heavily focused on the creation in the game.

Players have the freedom of creating almost anything in the game such as the Characters, Objects they can use in the game like vehicles, tools, and decoration, also they can create their own levels.

Players have been given the option of sharing their own creations with other players. As every other game, this has its objectives that need to be completed, like defeating enemies collecting materials and objects.



LBP 3 brings a lot of novelties to the franchise, one of them is the addition of characters in the game. This game introduces three new characters, each with their own unique abilities and traits.

OddShockOddShock is one of the three new characters added to the LBP 3. He is a four-legged character that looks a lot like a dog. His running speed is even faster than SackBoys and in addition to the speed, he can also wall jump.



swoopSwoop is the 2nd character added into the LBP 3. He is designed to look similar to a bird. He has been given the ability to fly freely around levels. Also, while flying he can pick up various light objects and even some characters except Big Toggle.



togglToggle is the 3rd and last character added to the game. He has the ability to transform into a large and a small version of himself. Those two versions of him have different abilities. The Big Toggle uses his weight to weigh down platforms and pressure plates. He can do that because he is heavier than SackBoy. The smaller version of him is called Little Toggle. His tiny body allows him to fit through tight spaces and he can run quickly on the surface of the water.

Ability changes

In the game LBP 3 there were some additional changes made to some abilities such as the ability that level creators got to allow players to use more than one champion during the gameplay. Things like power-ups were added to the game that when activated unlock a special ability to the player making him more powerful.

One of those power ups are called the Pumpinator and the purpose of it is to move objects with the air that it’s blowing out of it. Other than the premade power ups, players now have the ability to make their own power-ups by using different tools.


This game was initially released in back in 2012, it is a puzzle type video game. The extended version of this game was released in 2013. In the extended edition players have the opportunity to experience the improved graphics, new user interface, and a new character.

Anna challenges players to discover horrific clues that will help them solve the puzzle in the end and discover the character’s dark past. The storyline changes depending on the player’s choices throughout the game. Depending on some choices there can be three different endings.



Anna received a lot of different and mixed opinions from critics. The graphics, sound and the story were highly rated and received positive reviews. But critics were not particularly happy with the complexity of the interface and they found the puzzles too difficult to solve.

The horror elements of Anna also received mixed opinions, but mostly positive feedback. All around it has received more positive reviews.

The whole lineup for free February PS Games

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 – Available for PlayStation 4
  • Not a Hero – Available for PlayStation 4 available
  • StarWhal – Available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Anna – The Extended Edition available for PlayStation 3
  • Ninja Senki DX – Available for PlayStation Vista and PlayStation 4
  • TorqueL – Available for PlayStation Vista and PlayStation 4