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Dragon Quest Heroes II is finally out for PS4, available on PlayStation Store. Another great Japanese role-playing game, another universe to explore with countless hours to spend in. Games such as these can seduce gamers into playing it with sheer quality and depth of the world in it.

Even if you’re a newcomer to these imaginary realms of the Dragon Quest, you can’t deny the fact that it’s fun and extremely easy to get lured by the whole concept of the story. And what’s not to like? Being even a remote anime fan, you’ll have no problems stepping right in and start playing as one of many playable characters in this game.


Still not sure what this game is about? If you haven’t decided whether to get the game or not, here is a list of reasons why you should definitely add Dragon Quest Heroes II to your virtual shelf – presumed that you’re into anime, Japanese role-playing games, and open world exploration concept.

Gameplay itself

Being that everything is presented in an anime style, graphics character and the whole Dragon Quest universe will be extremely welcoming to every fan of this genre out there. Players will be able to pick one from eight available characters and step right into the adventure. The game also features a four-player co-op mode.

So if you have a couple of friends that share your enthusiasm for anime and hack-slash games in general, you can quadruple your battle effectiveness as well as fun while playing this game. If you choose to play alone, you will be accompanied by three more characters that you’ll be able to switch to and control almost any time during your gameplay.

This concept of the combat system is widely familiar to fans of this genre. Dragon Age series had this combat system, as well as many games before including Neverwinter Nights series and a couple of other before it. It’s been almost thirty years since the release of the first installment.


The first Dragon Quest game was released in Japan on May 27, 1986, and in North America in 1989 under a different name to avoid the trademark conflict with a popular table top RPG game of the same name. A lot of time has passed since then. Developers made sure that the game keeps its essence and preserve key elements that made it so popular over the years.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will not disappoint any fan of this long running franchise. If you’re a newcomer to the dragon realms and aren’t quite sure whether you’d like the game or not, you can get free psn codes. This way you won’t spend a dime on the game and still have full access to all its features.

Immersive storyline

Dragon Quest is known for its compelling story,and every fan of this franchise can confirm this. So what terrible evil forces threaten the seven kingdoms this time? As you start to unravel the story and defend one kingdom from another allied neighboring kingdom, you’ll come to understand that there is more to this war among previously allied kingdoms.

As if enchanted by a mystical prophecy, all seven of them started to wage war against each other. It’s up to you and your companions to find out what’s causing these conflict and bring peace to their torn continent once again. As you progress and build up you characters, fighting giant monsters and hordes of enemies will provide even greater pleasure.

Unique and amazing characters

It’s important to mention that quite a lot of old characters are back in this game. When it comes to keeping the tradition of making a great JRPG game and keeping the attention of fans, characters play a big role in this process. Speaking of familiar characters, Torneko among others is also a playable character in this installment of Dragon Quest franchise.

This traveling merchant looking character left his home and family in search for powerful weapons that will protect those that are dear to him. Cesar, the main supporting character is Razel’s childhood friend and one of the available characters as well. A proud prince and the main commander of the Jaiwa-ru’s royal army.


Next to Razel, Torneko and Cesar, there are also five more playable characters in this game. Terasia’s and Ornaze’s combat potential is well known for fans of Dragon Quest franchise. And now you can choose from each one of them and startyour story as the protector of the seven kingdoms.

Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII is yet another popular face around the seven kingdoms. Next to starting with their default character names, players can now rename their main protagonists and add a personal touch to their characters.

Immense open world

Exploring was always the best part in games such as these. And with a vast universe such as this one, you’ll have more than enough at your hands to discover, explore and loot. You will never get enough of it and with prizes and loot that you can get from exploring every part of the Dragon Quest universe who’d want to do anything else?

As always, you can pause the main story progression at any time and focus on improving your character’s gear, abilities and powers trough grinding and exploring. Find new weapons, sell and buy rare items from merchants, equip your team with the best possible gear and nothing will stand in your way.


Character progression is an essential part of every RPG game, and in Dragon Quest Heroes II you never stop improving and upgrading your team. It’s amazing how exciting can a simple exploration be in this game, and if you chose to play with your friends, you’ll quadruple the fun.

So what are you waiting for? Step into the dragon realms and begin your adventure as the legendary protector of the seven kingdoms!