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Within the past couple of years alone, we’ve seen technology advance at such rate, that the only thing we can do is witness the progress. While trying to implement new aspects of using technology in our everyday lives, we are changing the way how we perceive technology.

Virtual reality is the next big step in gaming, and this year every VR enthusiast has a couple of more reasons to be excited. VR on PlayStation 4 started as a project with only a couple of underdeveloped ideas presented via this type of virtual entertainment. Nowadays, every new released VR game changes gaming industry as we know it.

The Persistence

There aren’t many games that can impress a common VR enthusiast. However, with new additions in the VR gaming industry, games are becoming more and more complex. Virtual reality games were never about action, intense shooting in FPS or arcade gaming style.

These games were meant to encourage the mind to think differently and learn how to perceive things from another perspective. The concept of this game is simple and all too familiar at the same time. You wake up alone, on an abandoned space station, this case a research vessel, called the Persistence.


The vessel was created for the purposes of exploring a collapsing star. As the whole crew gets wiped out while trying to resolve the situation and redirect the star or save it from destruction, an A.I. computer finds a way to reconstruct the crew using minimal tissue sample from the surviving crew’s genome code.

Apparently, there are errors in reconstructions sequence that lead to deformities and mutations in the new versions of survivors. As a woken survivor, you find yourself on an unknown space station, surrounded by monstrous beings that were once your colleagues, friends, and co-workers. It’s on you to unravel what led to a malfunction in the first place, why did the computer start a reviving program that was obviously filled with errors, as well as the story behind it all.

Starblood Arena

The game was developed by Sony San Diego and released on April 11, 2017. After it had been released, it didn’t’ get much positive praise. The concept of this game is simple, find a ship upgrade it until it’s maxed out and then buy another one. It’s all about equipment and upgrading your ship’s maneuverability, speed, offensive and defensive abilities.

However, as you progress in this game, you’ll find out that there is more to this seemingly simple concept. As it turns out there are tons of upgrades that you can find, loot, discover or buy at the market. Next, to this, there are a couple of multiplayer modes like Battle Royale, TeamDeathmatchand Co-Op Mode for up to 4 players.


If you never saw the game, your first play through will remind you of games like Borderlands due to its violence and gore drawn in a cartoonish style, Rocket League because of its unique competitive mode, and a couple of other important titles as well. The game is available on PlayStation market so if you never played VR games, Starblood Arena will provide a great VR play through.

Fantastic Contraption

If you ever played World of Goo or any other game that works on the same principle, you should be pretty excited about Fantastic Contraption. The goal in this game is pretty straightforward. Create a mechanism that can pass any obstacle on the map and pass the finish line. But there is so much more that the game has to offer.

For example, once you create a mechanism, a walking robot made from various materials and parts, you can disassemble it recreate it any way you want it. And that’s the best thing about this game; there are so many combinations that you can literally make thousands of models without creating one copy.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be crafting objects that can go over virtually every obstacle that the game presents. It’s like Lego, except that it’s in VR. If you’re not sure whether you want to buy the game or not, you can inquire about daily psn code giveaway events and get your codes there. After this, simply enter the code and unlock the game. It’s as simple as that!


So how to start building?

First, you’ll notice that you’re on a map where the only two things that you need to pay attention to are your part dispenser, a cat-like creature made from parts and gear sticking from it, and the line leading to your goal. Recover the parts from the part dispenser and stretch them, shorten, or expand in order to create a working ‘fantastic contraption.’

After a couple of hours playing this game, you’ll notice that making a functional contraption isn’t enough. The game encourages creative and inventive minds. This being said, you won’t enjoy much if you’re not too good at improvising. In Fantastic Contraptions, it’s all about what you do with limited resources that you got.

So you’ll have to think outside of the box if you dream of having any fun while playing this game. Otherwise, the game will prove to be frustrating, annoying and even dull.


Statik is a VR game made for fans of Portal and any other similar puzzle game. Virtual reality and the technology that we got so far is only showing us a percentage of what we may see in the future of gaming. This and many other projects usually start as an experiment, which are designed to test our audio-visual perceptive abilities.


In Statik, you’ll be playing as a robot assistant of a doctor that apparently has no face as it’s blurred in a glitchy manner. You’ll be conducting various tests and unravel very little about the story in the process of testing different objects in your hands. The game is similar to Portal in this aspect. You don’t know your identity nor the intentions of your navigator. This adds a bit of mystery to the story and is exactly why this game is unique.