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November and December are months that all gamers love the most because that’s the part of the year when the market is pumped with new video games of all genres. You can surely find a game you like to buy it for yourself for Christmas which is just around the corner now. In 2016, November is a promising month with a couple of amazing games coming out. Without further ado, we’re going to take a look at the best games you can add to your Playstation game collection using psn code free packs.

    1. Dishonored 2

      Dishonored is a game that hit the market a couple of years back. It is a title by Ubisoft and you are put in a role of an assassin in a steampunk setting in the 19th century. The game has made quite a bang because it offers a great mix of role play gaming and action. Dishonored 2 puts you in a new city and a new battlefield for heroes that want to get rid of crooked politicians.


      Dishonored 2 is available for PS4, and it continues right where the first part ended. Use some excellent gadgets and powers to eliminate Corvo’s enemies and free the city of Karnaca from the evil Tyrants.


    1. Watch Dogs 2

      When the previous Watch Dogs game was released, everyone was ecstatic and pumped to play it, but sadly, the game had many issues. The first problem was the downgrade that has become a standard thing for Ubisoft, but it seems that they are ready to right the wrong with the sequel to the original game. In this game, you are in the role of Marcus Holloway who is a young hacker from San Francisco.


      Marcus has to clear his name using all kinds of high-tech devices to hack into the system and get rid of the corruption. You can team up with friends and fight the system in multiplayer too. This game is more than worth checking out.


    1. Killing Floor 2

      The world has been struck by a deadly virus. It was caused by an experiment that’s gone wrong, and now the planet is crawling with zombies and all kinds of disfigured creatures that only want to eat people. You will choose your character and the weapons you’ll use to defeat waves of monsters along with your friend.


      The game is meant to be played online, so if your friends like shooting zombies, you’ll like this game. Apart from guns, you can use all kinds of powers like slowing down time, auto aim and so on. Killing Floor 2 is a face paced FPS with lots of blood and gore.


    1. Hasbro Family Fun Pack – Conquest Edition

      Hasbro games are a simulation of tabletop games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship, Risk Urban Assault, and now they all come in one package.


      If you’re a fan of these games, you will be able to play all of them against real opponents online or play against the computer at home. It’s fun!


    1. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

      Call of Duty is one of the most popular FSP franchises in the world. With over ten sequels, Call of Duty doesn’t need much introducing. They covered everything from WW2 to future warfare and Infinite Warfare is a treat for all real COD fans.


      It includes everything from Zombies, special map packs, multiplayer modes, single player story mode, and a remastering of two previous COD games. Infinite Warfare is set in space where the last soldiers battle for the future of mankind.


    1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

      Dragon Ball is one of the most famous Anime cartoons for the past two decades, and now fans can control their favorite characters in the new game. Xenoverse 2 is meant to be played online because the difficulty of the missions increases past the point of what a single player can handle.


      The game is fast paced and full of awesome explosion and attack effects, and once it gets a hold of you, it won’t let you go for months.


  1. Robinson The Journey

    Robinson The Journey is truly an adventure like no other. It is a VR game where you are put in the role of Robinson who has crash landed on a strange world filled with extraterrestrial life and old spaceship wrecks.


    You will have to survive the unknown and make your way through the escape pod so you can get back home.