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PlayStation Network Card Benefits

Sony Entertainment is a company well-known for its tendency to explore new things and to create products that are revolutionary and even futuristic in their nature. Such is the case with PSN cards, and these cards act as online wallets that allow customers to buy items from the Sony Entertainment Network Store.

By using these cards, customers can redeem items from the Store and use them without obtaining a physical copy of the product. Games, movies, and other items are available for people who want to spend their free time with the help of a Sony console, and digital access to these products is much more convenient than going to a store and buying a hard copy.

Our guide can help you learn about the ways in which you can get free PSN cards and vouchers that you can use to buy all kinds of items that are on display at the Store.

How to Get Free PSN Vouchers?

It is evident that the ways in which we do our shopping are evolving to a new stage, and that our everyday habits will be changed as well. Online shopping is increasingly taking over the world, and we simply have to adapt as soon as possible and start using the new technology to our maximum benefit.

Sony also accepted the fact that digital copies of their products are much more convenient than the traditional hard copies, and that is why they introduced the system of PSN vouchers and cards. Sony Entertainment Network Store was started in 2006, and it nowadays offers a wide variety of software products from the Sony’s “factory”.

To be able to buy games, map packs, expansions, movies, TV Shows, comics, and other items, customers need to have a PSN Account and enough vouchers to cover the cost of the product. Vouchers act as digital codes or a currency that can be used to redeem the items from the PS Store, and this system is simple and convenient.

However, PSN does not come for free, and monthly subscription can be too high for a lot of potential players and users of Sony products. Also, PSN Plus, which acts as a “premium service” is even more expensive and demanding, and the yearly subscription fee for this service is around $50.

To add even more cons to the use of those costly subscriptions, PSN cards have expiration dates, which limit the users, and they are forced to spend the money in the pre-determined time frame. Luckily for them, our guide can show them the ways in which PlayStation cards can be received completely for free, and these ways are perfectly safe and reliable.

Since there are a lot of scams on the Internet, we dedicated a lot of our time and effort to look for the best ways in which you can obtain free cards. All of these methods that are displayed in our guide are tried and tested, which means that they are completely legal and authentic.

Most of the sites that offer free PSN vouchers will require only a little bit of your time, and that’s all. Your money will stay in your pocket, and you will be able to play the newest games once you use your vouchers and buy the game from the PS Store. However, these websites will require you to finish a series of simple tasks, which should not take too much of your time.

The tasks can be diverse and very original, but the most common types are watching an ad or a trailer, downloading a free app, completing surveys, subscribing to newsletters, and so on. Sites that offer the best results and where you can get your card in a quick and fun way are “Points2Shop”, “PrizeRebel”, “SwagBucks”, “Lockerz”, “Rewards1”, “AppTrailers”, and so on. These methods are fully legitimate, and there is no chance of downloading spyware or some other form of malicious software onto your device.

Redeeming Your Codes

The fact that PlayStation Network card can eliminate long hours of waiting in line for your favorite game or that you will no longer have to worry about scratches on that old CD which is constantly in use in your console is something that attracts customers to this new system of shopping.

As we have seen, vouchers can be acquired in many ways, and the legitimate nature of these methods means that users do not have to worry about their safety and privacy. Once they receive their cards and their PSN vouchers, they can go to the PSN Store and redeem the games or other software products from Sony Entertainment.

The process of using the vouchers is as simple as it gets, and you only have to gather enough points on the websites that offer free PSN cards before you can ask for the code that will send you your $10 or $20 valued cards. Usually, this means that you have to gather 1000 or 2000 points, respectively, to be eligible for a free card.

But, as soon as you card is approved, you can go to the PS Store and use the vouchers in any way you want. Our guide is here to help you obtain the cards, but it is up to the readers to find the best way in which they will spend their money. The offer at the PS Store can be breathtaking and overwhelming, so customers can have a hard time deciding what is it that they want. PSN Cards are not tied to your Sony Account, and PayPal is used instead, which means that safety levels are as high as possible.

PlayStation Plus Card – How to get it?

PlayStation Plus is an exclusive premium service for the customers who want to have access to the best Sony’s products, and this type of account will bring you a lot of benefits. Some of those advantages include online multiplayer, online game save option (1 GB of cloud storage), exclusive discounts (up to 75%), free games every month, automatic updates, etc.

The list looks pretty impressive and no doubt that every PlayStation player would like to have access to all of these possibilities, but the “price tag” for this service is relatively high, and this makes things complicated for most users.

The fee for yearly subscription to PlayStation Plus is $50, and this means that PS Plus Cards are not something that we can all afford so easily.

However, discounts and sales are a perfect solution for those people who would like to acquire one of these Cards, and E-Bay or Amazon can offer a lot of options when it comes to these discounts. The price of PS Plus Cards can go down by half, and most of these sales have a short life span, simply because there is an enormous demand for cheap and legitimate Cards.

Best Free PSN Games of 2016

Each month a handful of games are made available for free to members of the PlayStation Network. With some inevitably being better than others, we’ve decided to put together a list of the best titles for 2016.

Dragon Age: Origins – PS3

A successor to the cult RPG game Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age: Origins is a role-playing game with party-based and tactical combat, heavy customization of your chosen character, as well as a rich and gritty story.

A very dark game in a fantasy setting, it features novel storytelling and a classic RPG feel. Your in-game choices and origin choice affect the world and people around you, as well as the skills you will acquire.

Grim Fandango Remastered – PS4, PS Vita

Originally released as an adventure game in 1998 by world famous LucasArts, Grim Fandango turned into a cult classic thanks to its elaborate puzzles and excellent plot.

With cleaned up textures, better lighting, objects, and characters, it’s now ready for a new generation of gamers who want a taste of this vintage gem.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – PS4

After adventures in space, there’s only one thing to do in the new Saints Row – dance with the devil. In this 3d sandbox game much like the GTA series, you fight your way through the underworld to save the soul of the Saints’ leader.

This is a fast paced game full of action and explosions, but hilariously funny as well.

gat out of hell

Journey – PS4, PS3

Challenging traditional conventions of gaming, Journey is an experience on its own. The player awakens in an unfamiliar world with the ability to walk, glide, as well as fly through an incredible looking landscape.

The goal is to reveal the mysterious history of a civilization lost to time in a stunning setting resembling ancient Egypt.

journey ps4

NBA 2K16 – PS4

Joining forces with legendary director Spike Lee, NBA 2K16 brings a new and exciting MyCareer mode to the latest iteration of a world famous basketball game franchise.

An original story combined with the most played game mode will have players on the edge of their seats while making their way from the streets to the big leagues. NBA 2K16 also lets you take control of an entire team, as well as play with others online with new and improved graphics.

How it Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does psn card last?

They last for ten years so you could say their expiration date is unlimited in the terms of technology.

Can you keep PSN Plus games?

Once your PlayStation Plus membership expires, you will no longer have access to the content you downloaded for free. You can regain access by renewing your membership

Which PSN cards can I use on my network?

You can only use codes that are created for your country. For example you cannot use a card from Europe in USA.

Can I use the  PS3 shop cards on the PS4?

Yes psn vouchers work for all devices on the network.

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